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Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation available about fertility and the menstrual cycle in books and on the internet. Our Fertility First educators are extensively trained in fertility and the menstrual cycle and offer the latest up to date, scientifically based information. Consultations with our Fertility First educators offer the opportunity for you to ask those questions that you think are 'silly' (which they are not), and seek clarification on various issues related to fertility


Are you tired of taking the pill? Sick of taking the responsibility for contraception? Don't like using condoms? Looking for a contraceptive method that fits with your values and beliefs?

Fertility First offers a method of 'natural' contraception that is easy to learn and only requires you, a pen, a fertility chart and an oral digital thermometer. No pills to take, no injections and no complicated or expensive computers, urine or saliva testing kits.


Yes, breastfeeding can delay the return of your fertility if specific conditions are met. Fertility First Educators can work with you to find a Natural Family Planning method that works best for you, and works with your breastfeeding.
We have two methods available. Both are reliable and safe, based on research supported by the World Health Organisation.


Menopause is the time when periods cease. This usually occurs between the ages of 40-58 years. It may take years for periods to cease or it may happen suddenly.

Most people are interested in the peri-menopause phase which is the time when things start to change with your menstrual cycle. The average age of the appearance of symptoms is 50-54 years. This transition phase can take 2-7 years.


Fertility First Educators offer education to community groups and health professionals. Community groups include: antenatal, post-natal, schools, church's, young parents, at risk youth, pre marriage. We are willing to work with you on the topic, content and delivery methods to meet your groups specific needs. Topics could include: Fertility Awareness, Breastfeeding, Menopause, Natural Family Planning Methods, Reproductive Cycle, Puberty, Contraceptive methods, Valuing Fertility, Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, to name just a few.

Chart Checking

This is a service available to anyone who would like their interpretation of a chart checked. This can be a Sympto-Thermal Chart, Breastfeeding Chart or Partial Breastfeeding Chart. You don’t have to have been a NFNZ or Fertility First Client to use this service.
The cost for this service is $20.00